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Finding the best hot tub for you

Our difference

Choosing the right hot tub for your requirements is a decision that takes time and careful consideration. You want to make sure that you’re making the right choice for you and your home. Sundance Spas hot tubs are created with care and attention and include contemporary features to allow you to relax safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the right decision.

The difference with Sundance Spas means that we work hard to ensure that you will be satisfied with every aspect of your purchase. We make your life easier with low maintenance spas whilst our advances in design and technology mean that you have a contemporary hot tub including all the features you could wish for. We also make sure our hot tubs are energy efficient to provide you with lower running costs.

You will find that Sundance Spas hot tubs offer so much more than those provided by any competitor, so visit your local dealer to choose your new spa.

Water Quality

Cleaner water with fewer chemicals

All of the spas in the 780 and 880 Series include the MicroClean purification system, which surpasses all other spa treatment systems. It provides pure and clean water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage. This is achieved by combining effective filtering, water circulation and water skimming processes, and employ similar technology to that used in home drinking water filters.

All Sundance Spas come with a Clearray UV-C Water Purification System fitted as standard which reduces the need for chemical sanitisers.

Alfresco hot tubs Triple Layer Filter Material

Triple-Layer Filter Material

Multi-fibre outer layer is coated with acrylic resin for strength; retains large particles

Polypropylene middle layer provides microscopic filtration

Polyester inner layer provides additional filtering

Sundance spas hot tub Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump

Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump

24-hour filtration effectively moves up to 227,000 litres of water per day, at roughly the same cost as other systems

Pump works with MicroClean system to optimise filtration

Draws water over Slipstream™ skimmer to remove impurities and debris

Polyester inner layer provides additional filtering

Alfresco hot tubs MicroClean Plus Filtration

MicroClean Plus Filtration

Most robust and efficient water filtration available

Advanced, triple-layer pleated material filters water more thoroughly in less time

Traps 99% of all particles both large and small

Filters thoroughly from both ends

Removes oils and lotions from the water

Lasts longer meaning lower replacement costs

No leaching of chemicals from pure fibre filter

Hot tub filter Sundance Spas MicroClean Ultra

MicroClean Ultra Filtration

The 2 piece interlocking system has an advanced dual stage filtration that is the ultimate in hot tub water treatment.

The outer filter is washable and acts as the first stage of filtration that traps larger particles

Made from 100% melt-blown polypropylene; these variable density filters are compatible with a wide range of chemicals

Variable density construction uses the entire depth of the filter to trap sediment and debris and results in higher dirt holding capacity

Hot tub filter Sundance Spas 50sqft Pleated

MicroClean Filtration

Filters thoroughly from two directions through pleated and microfiber materials

Microfiber cartridge for ultra-fine filtration

Pleated cartridge captures larger particles

Energy Efficiency

High performance without high running costs

We understand that energy efficiency is more important than ever before so every hot tub manufactured by Sundance Spas is created to run efficiently and retain as much heat as possible whilst in operation. Our high-performance hot tubs are built with components that maintain thermal energy whilst keeping the water cleaner for longer. Unlike other hot tub manufacturers that place insulation either inside the cabinet or along the floor (known as partially insulted hot tubs), each and every Sundance Spa is fully insulated with foam insulation along the shell, the floor and inside the cabinet. This makes them some of the most energy efficient hot tubs you can buy.

Heat retention is provided by Rigid Bond shell and enhanced by the 1.5 pound density foam core and polyurethane foam insulation. The combination of these aspects provides unrivalled heat retention and ensures maximum energy efficiency. 100% of the heat produced by the titanium coil heaters goes directly into the water, and it is so robust that it comes with an unconditional five year warranty so you can be sure that there will be no issues.

If you’re looking for a hot tub that provides the best contemporary facilities as well energy efficiency, contact your nearest Sundance Spas hot tub dealer.

Hot tub SunStrong Cover Alfresco Life Cheshire

SunStrong Cover

The cover has a premium design featuring authentic Sunbrella™ material that lasts twice as long as traditional vinyl.

The inner core features 2lb foam density and heat seal gasket to provide energy saving by minimising heat and moisture loss.

It’s available for the following models: Optima, Cameo, Hamilton, Chelsee, Hartford, Victoria and Constance.

Sundance hot tub EcoWrap

EcoWrap™ 880 Series

This factory installed option is ideal for cold weather climates. The insulation blanket achieves up to 25% energy usage reduction, protects from moisture and mould, and reduces operating noise.

Sundance hot tub Titanium-Coil-Heater

Titanium Coil Heater

The heater on selected models features a titanium coil that directly heats the water, significantly increasing efficiency and cost savings as 100% of the heat produced is transferred immediately to the water.

The titanium coil protects the heater from corrosion or failure, and comes with a 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Sundance spas hot tub Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump

Jet Pumps

Efficient plumbing, quality jets, and optimum flow control are more important than horsepower. A lower horsepower pump in an efficient spa will produce just as much jet power as a higher horsepower pump in an inefficient spa.

Many other manufacturers use oversized, high horsepower pumps. Sundance Spas has built a cost effective system, using efficient pumps to deliver the perfect hydrotherapeutic experience.

Sundance Spas hot tub Clearray UV C-water purification system


Reduced chemical usage by up to 50% and less maintenance are benefits of the exclusive Clearray UV-C water purification system.

The Clearray system fitted on all Sundance Spas as standard and uses a natural part of the electromagnetic energy spectrum generated by the sun, to disinfect water.

The UV-C light effectively modifies the DNA of waterborne pathogens to stop their reproduction without the introduction of chemicals, gases and by-products to the water.

Sundance hot tub i-Touch Controls

i-Touch Controls

Programmable for maximum energy efficiency, the easy-to-use iTouch control panels on 880 and 780 Series spas allow for accurate programming of filtration cycles, temperature control and Integrated Aqua-Terrace and Foot-well Lighting controls.

The energy efficient microprocessors continuously check all spa functions, and the lock-out function allows for the protection of your own personalised settings. On the 880 Series models, the controls maintain your settings in the event of a power outage.

Sundance spas hot tub Insulating Cover

Insulating Cover

The marine-grade vinyl covers features high-density, 1.5 lb foam for maximum heat retention. The cover locks into place, forming a protective seal to keep heat in and weather out.

The cover not only provides for an energy efficient spa, it also helps the spa water stay clean longer, reducing maintenance costs.

Sundance hot tub Rigid Bond Construction

Rigid Bond™ Construction

3-layer Rigid Bond construction adds superior strength and thermal retention qualities. Sundance Spas are unique as each hot tub shell is layered with vinylester, polyester resins and a proprietary laminate.

Full-foam insulation with two different types of foam completely fills the compartment between the shell and the skirt. Rigid Bond and foam insulation conserve energy and reduce heating costs by maintaining water temperatures longer.

Sundance hot tub Full Foam Insulation

Full-Foam Insulation

Overall foam conserves heat and supports spa plumbing. The high-density, heat-resistant foam surrounds the equipment bay whereas lighter foam insulates elsewhere for an energy efficient hot tub.

Sundance hot tub LED Lighting

LED Lighting

The LED lighting in each Sundance Spas hot tub consumes up to 7.5% of the energy used by an equivalent incandescent lighting system, allowing you to make considerable cost savings.


Reliability combined with inspired engineering

Sundance Spas deliver quality and convenience thanks to the high quality of the components used as well as the unrivalled design and manufacture of each and every hot tub we create. We utilise the latest technology to provide you with a top of the range hot tub that not only includes contemporary features but also energy efficient.

Easy Access Control Panels

- Digital read-out of actual water temperature
- Push button operation
- Flip the digital display to read from inside or outside the spa (880, 850 and 850E Series)

Pure Aromatherapy

- Sundance Spas' SunScents™ infuses the water with air-driven fragrance.
- Innovative therapy seat and versatile jets

Innovative Therapy Seat

- Jets target between 10 and 14 acupressure points.
- Versatile jets which can be combined for specific massage types

Alfresco hot tubs Secure Harness Plumbing
Secure Harness Plumbing

Allows precise clustering of jets, equalises water pressure to each jet, enhances pumping efficiently and enables more secure fittings.

Sundance hot tub Rigid Bond Construction
Full-Foam Insulation

Overall foam conserves heat and supports spa plumbing. The high-density, heat-resistant foam surrounds the equipment bay whilst lighter foam insulates elsewhere.

High-Quality Cabinetry

- SunStrong™ UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is durable and maintenance-free.
- Comes in four colours: Coastal, Mahogany, Autumn Walnut, and TerraStone (depending on the model type)

MicroClean System

- Filters from two directions – the spa’s main pump pulls water through the filter and 24 hour circulation pump pulls water through microfibre element.
- Produces an unprecedented level of water purity.

Powerful Pumps

- Single, dual or triple pumps provide a generous amount of massage power.
- Filtration mode quietly and efficiently offers continuous filtration and water sanitisation.

Sundance hot tub Titanium-Coil-Heater
Efficient Sentry Smart™ Heater

- Titanium coil directly heats water, increasing thermal efficiency and reducing costs.
- Titanium prohibits heater corrosion and failure.
- Up to five-year unconditional warranty.

Protective ABS Barrier

Provides a moisture barrier.


As one of the leading hot tub manufacturers in the world, Sundance Spas are committed to providing high quality hot tubs using the latest technology and environmentally friendly working practices. Robust and efficient, every hot tub from Sundance Spas is designed to perform to a high standard and provide you with many years of relaxation and enjoyment

Streamlined production process

  • Dedicated and experienced design and manufacturing staff
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Two, quarter-mile long assembly lines with computer-controlled equipment
  • Over 100 quality-assurance checkpoints
  • Robust testing systems – every spa is filled with water twice to ensure everything works correctly


Peace of mind from day one

Hot tub policies are something that you may not consider as part of your decision making process, but it is vital that you spend the time researching what sort of cover is provided with your new spa. A hot tub is an investment so you need to ensure that you will be protected in case of any issues in the future.

With Sundance Spas, we have 40 years experience manufacturing luxury hot tubs and provide an extensive warranty with every hot tub we sell, so you have complete peace of mind.

When you invest in a hot tub from Sundance Spas you can be sure of an excellent warranty so should something go wrong you’re covered.

Industry leading warranty with both parts and labour covered.

Aspect Covered 980 & 880 Series 780 Series 680 Series
Shell Structure 10yrs 10yrs 5yrs
Shell Surface 7yrs 7yrs 2yrs
Equipment & Controls 4yrs 3yrs 2yrs
Plumbing Components 4yrs 3yrs 2yrs
Cabinet 5yrs 5yrs 1yr


Sundance spas 40 years

Sundance achieves unsurpassed international recognition

Sundance Spas has been setting the industry standard in hot tub design and engineering for 40 years. We take pride in offering our customers hot tubs that are considered the benchmarks for contemporary luxury hot tubs.

International recognition: the most certifications, awards, and honors in the hot tub industry.

Patented components and processes, including proprietary jets.

World’s largest manufacturer of acrylic spas.