Sundance Spas 800-OL Limited Edition 6-7 Person Hot Tub


The brand new 800-OL is a limited edition hot tub model based on the Sundance Spas most popular Global model the 880 Series Optima. A modern design this 6-7 person model is a unique hybrid hot tub and features many of the key features found on the 880 Series Optima. Interior lighting with illuminated grab bar rails to ensure ease of entry and i-touch control panel with glowing colour touch screen to ensures ease of programming day or night.


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SEATS 6-7 seats
DIMENSIONS 226cm x 226cm x 96cm
SPA VOLUME 1,552 litres


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Microclean Ultra Filtration is provided by an advanced dual core filter; large and small particles (around 2um) are trapped in the filter pleats and deep inner core. This system uses technology similar to that found in a home water filtration system and focuses on keeping your water crystal clear so the you have more time to relax. The Microclean Filtration is combined with a wide slip stream skimmer and dynamic flow circulation pump ensuring your hot tub water is recirculated every 15 minutes. This filtered water then passes through the Clearray Active Oxygen Clean Water System naturally activating oxygen molecules to break up contaminants and eliminating 99.9% of water bourne pathogens. This ensures pure, clear and safe water with low maintenance and reduction in chemical use.


SunScents Aromatherapy

Did you know Sundance Spas were the first manufactures to combine aromatherapy and hydrotherapy with an automatic delivery fragrance delivery system? The 980 and 880 Series as well as the new 800-OL include the Silent Air Injector system that draws air over the SunScents beads and delivers the aromatherapy smell through the water. No disruption to water balance. Choose from a selection of six scents (Pina Colada, Eucalyptus, Honey Mango, Jasmine, Lavender, Summer Rain) to suit every mood.

Sundance hot tub Titanium-Coil-Heater

Smart Heater

The Smart Heater is featured on the 980 and 880 Series and now on the limited edtion 800-OL features a Titanium heater coil that directly transfers heat to the hot tub water providing maximum efficiency. The Titanium coil has been designed to ensure longevity by protecting against corrosion.

Deep-Immersion-SeatFull Body Immersion Seat

Enjoy a full body massage with jets to cover your neck, muscles down both sides or your spine, calve muscles, hand and wrists and finish off with foot reflexology. The combination of jets will provide a deep tissue massage experience relieving muscle tension, aches and soreness.

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Smart Hot Tub


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