Sundance Spas Optima 6-7 Person Hot Tub


Really make a splash when you’re entertaining with the sociable and spacious 880 Series Optima.

The Optima seats 7 adults comfortably and there are a range of optional features available, including the SunScents aromatherapy system and the Bluewave Stereo System, so you can get the spa experience you want.

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SEATS 6-7 seats
DIMENSIONS 226cm x 226cm x 96cm
SPA VOLUME 1,552 litres


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The Optima spacious hot tub will be the talk of your friends, thanks to its stunning design:

  • Relax and admire the AquaTerrace waterfall
  • Enjoy the ambience of the SunGlow LED lighting
  • TerraStone cabinet available to give your spa the look of real stacked stone (exclusive to the Optima and Cameo models)

It doesn’t just look good, the Optima has an assortment of contemporary features:

  • Feel the benefits of a foot massage in the reflexology foot dome
  • Have the spa working your way using the innovative digital controls
  • Sit comfortably with the comfort panels included as standard in the head rests

Dual Aquaterrace™ Waterfalls

  • Adjust flow from a trickle to a solid sheet of water
  • Backlit, multicolor LED lighting
  • Freeze color or set to transition gradually

CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + Filtration

Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh water. 680™ Series Filtration System with 50 square foot vertical filter, Dynamic Flow™ and CLEARRAY® system.

880 Series Sun-Touch Controls

  • The most advanced Sundance Spas control panel.
  • Ease of use is enhanced with a glowing colour touch screen.
  • Menus are icon driven
  • Simple programming, both night and day.

Cabinetry Access

UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is durable and maintenance-free.

Seats: 6-7 seats
Dimensions:* 226 cm x 226 cm x 96 cm
Weight: Dry/Filled 419 kg/2,424 kg
Spa Volume: 1,552 litres
Jet Pumps: 1-speed/2.0 HP continuous
1-speed/2.0 HP continuous
Circulation pump: Yes
Total jets: 47
Filter: MicroClean® Ultra filtration system, 130 ft² (2 interlocking cartridge filters)
Water Management System: CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen Clean water system
Lighting: Multicoloured sun-glow LED lighting system (1 waterfall, 1 footwell, 5 air controls, 2 massage selectors, 2 backlit handrails and exterior lights)
Pillows 4
Electrical: 230-240VAC 50Hz
1x40A, 2x25A, 1x25A/1x32A
Cabinetry: Brushed Grey, Vintage Oak, Modern Hardwood
Acrylic Colour Shells: Porcelain, Celestite, Platinum, Sahara, Monaco, Midnight
Stereo: Optional Integrated Bluewave™ Spa Stereo
Upgrades: Optional SmartTub™ module / EcoWrap® Insulation

SMT™ Micro Adjustable

  • SMT (Soothing Muscle Therapy) jets produce a refined massage
  • The ultimate in neck tension relief
  • Customized pressure control
  • Fully adjustable face


  • Focuses on pressure points in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet
  • Relieves tired muscles, stress and tension

Fluidix Nex™

  • Latest addition to exclusive Fluidix series
  • Relieves neck tension and strain
  • Ideal massage action for small muscles and sensitive nerves
  • Adjustable high/low massage action
  • Patented technology


  • Creates a gentle “pulsing” massage action
  • Provides relief in the wrist area
  • Reduces discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists

Fluidix Reflex™

  • Pronounced back-and-forth massaging motion moves water in a whole new way
  • Assertive action or mild massaging
  • Adjust flow by rotating jet face
  • Patented technology

Fluidix ST™

  • Revolutionary, patented design concept
  • Both high- and low-impact massage
  • Use air control dial to adjust jet stream intensity and pressure
  • Durable bearingless jet available only from Sundance

Fluidix Intelli-jet™

  • The ultimate in versatility and efficiency
  • Turn jet face to horizontal for a lighter, smoother massage, or vertical for large-muscle, deep massage
  • Use air control dial to adjust jet stream intensity and pressure
  • Patented bearingless jet built to last a lifetime


  • Unique rifling action for high- and low-impact therapeutic massage
  • Bearingless jet built to last longer
  • Exclusively designed for Sundance
  • Swirling sensation


  • A choice of professional athletes
  • Vigorous action delivers muscle-penetrating massage

Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat

Neck Shoulder and Back Tension Banishing Seat

Back Relief Seat with Hip Jets

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