Tylo Domestic Sauna Heater with Built In Control Panel Sense Sport 6


Stylish, high performing and energy efficient.  The Tylo Sense Sport domestic sauna heaters provide superior sauna sessions.

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Product Information

  • Split Output functionality reduces power output once the set temperature has been reached, giving up to 30% lower energy consumption
  • Built in control panel
  • Built in overheat protection
  • Fast heat up time
  • Easy to clean with compartment for aroma essences
  • Wall mounted
  • Floor standing with additional leg kit
  • Thermosafe protection coating ensuring the external case is never too hot to touch
  • Suitable for sauna rooms 4-8m³
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Modern design

Sense is a new and modern line of sauna heaters, with distinctive sleek design and reliable functionality as it’s trademarks. Quick heating functionality and precise temperature control ensure ease of use. Create the perfect ambient for relaxation and free your senses in a matter of minutes. Not to forget the smart Eco-functions which ensure low costs. These heaters come equipped with a fiber-coated outer shell in order to minimize the risk of burns. They are easy to clean and maintain with added removable compartment for fragrant essences.

Climate Smart saunas

Sense Sport provides steady and precise heating for endless enjoyable sauna sessions. Sauna heaters come with overheating protection and patented energy-saving “divided output” feature. Comprehensive controls, thermostat and mechanical timer are integrated into the base of the heater.


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