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What is SmartTub®?

SmartTub® is a module that attaches to any Sundance Spas model manufactured after 18 December 2019*.  The module is fitted as standard on all UK 980 and 880 Series models.  The module works in conjunction with the SmartTub® app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

This clever little module was created so that you could maximise your time relaxing in your hot tub and to make it easier than ever to use and maintain your Sundance® Spas hot tub.

Sundance Spas SmartTub

SmartTub® Benefits

Remote Monitoring

  • Real time alerts and diagnostics to your phone and email
  • Energy usage reports
  • Power outage notifications

Easy To Use

  • Always stays connected with cellular based service
  • Use your smart home devices (eg Alexa) to activate your hot tub
SmartTub hot tub dashboard

Customise Your Settings

  • Control your energy savings
  • Adjust your filtration cycles
  • Change your temperature and lighting
  • Control your jets
  • Manage your hot tub while on holiday or manage your holiday home hot tub

SmartTub® Features

Apple Watch Compatible

Allowing you to control the key features such as the temperature, jets and lights. New generation Apple Watches are waterproof so you can jump in to your hot tub, pick your favourite spot and pop the jets on with no need to move out of the comfort or your seat.

Cellular Operation rather than WiFi

The exclusive design takes into consideration most hot tubs are located outside so Sundance Spas have partnered with major wireless carriers globally to ensure the best performance and a stable network.  WiFi is great for indoor use but can be problematic when you are trying to connect from a distance or there is a barrier such as a big stone wall.

Another major advantage of the cellular operation is that you can be at work, on holiday or out doing your shopping and still be able to change the temperature and other settings on your hot tub so that it is ready when you are.

Get reminders to change your hot tub water, hot tub filter and Clearray UV Bulb straight to your phone or tablet. No need to record dates in your diary or use guess work to try and remember where you are up to. Your hot tub will let you know.

If you are unsure if you have the SmartTub® module or you need assistance getting connected or if you would like to upgrade your existing Sundance® Spas model to incorporate the SmartTub® module just get in touch.

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* If your spa was manufactured between June 2018 and 17 December 2019 then you will be able to use the SunSmart 2.0 App instead. This is a WiFi style module and has similar features to the SmartTub® module.