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Is Your Hot Tub Ready For Autumn and Winter ?

The weather has had a definite change over the past couple and weeks. Shorts and t-shirts have been packed away and long trousers, socks, boots and coats have been brought out. With the new season comes changes in our behaviour with more time spent indoors and at home.

Is autumn and winter time your favourite time to take at dip in your hot tub? It is for us and I’m sure many of you feel the same. There is something magical sitting outside star gazing on a crisp winter night. Or jumping in first thing in the morning as the sun is rising on a frosty morning.

What you Need to Do to Prepare Your Hot Tub Ready for Autumn and Winter

  • Drain, Clean and Refill your Hot Tub – now is a good time to give your hot tub a flush out, clean and refill with fresh water before things get too busy in the run up to Christmas.
  • Rebalance your water chemistry – with fresh water it is good to start with a good dose of chlorine (20ppm for 2hr).  This ensures any bacteria from your hose pipe is killed and you have a residual level of sanitiser in the water.  Then make sure your Total Alkalinity and pH are correct.
  • Clean or Replace your Hot Tub Filter – keeping your filter clean using a suitable filter cleaner ensures it is performing efficiently.  If your filter is 12 months old or more it is time to invest in a replacement.  More information on filters can be found here.
  • Check your Hot Tub Cover – your hot tub cover prevents dirt and debris falling into the water and keeps the heat in when not in use.  If you have a vinyl cover clean with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and treat with a vinyl protectant.  If you need to replace your cover consider replacing it with a SunStrong cover or similar.  This is a marine grade fabric that is easy to clean and has great water, mold, mildew and UV resistance.  They are also 25% lighter than a vinyl cover.
  • Set the Temperature – with the outside temperatures a little lower we find an autumn/winter bathing temperature of 38oC is pleasant.

Now it’s time to jump into the warm water, relax and let the jets massage your aches and worries away. You might like to enjoy a spiced latte too!

Sundance Spas are designed to automatically protect themselves from freezing when in full operation.  We don’t usually experience harsh winters in the UK but it is good practice to periodically check your hot tub during the winter in case of power outages and ensure the filtration cycle is running for at least 8hrs per day to prevent freezing.

If using your hot tub during the autumn and winter months isn’t for you then you may wish to consider fully winterising your hot tub.  If you would like to know about how to winterise your hot tub or if you would like to book a winterising service please contact us.

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