Sundance Spas Aspen 7-8 Person Hot Tub


The ultimate Sundance® hot tub. The all new Aspen™ spa lives up to the 880™-Series’ reputation as the most luxurious portable hot tubs in the world.

The Aspen seats up to 8 adults and whether you’re looking for an outdoor entertainment centre for you and your friends or a therapeutic retreat to enjoy some “me” time, the Aspen from Sundance Spas is ideal.

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SEATS 7-8 seats
DIMENSIONS 231cm x 280cm x 106cm
SPA VOLUME 1,968 litres


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Aspen hot tub enables you to enjoy a massage like you’ve never felt before thanks to the 66 jets included as standard:

  • Eight types of jets, including bearingless Fluidix jets
  • Aspen hot tub has a foot dome with eight massaging jets
  • Fluidjex jets to sooth and massage your neck

Enhance your experience with these other contemporary features:

  • Use your spa day and night thanks to the SunGlow LED lighting system
  • The slim and well-designed foot well allows you to move about with ease
  • Relax and sit comfortably in the ergonomically designed seats

Dual Aquaterrace™ Waterfalls

  • Adjust flow from a trickle to a solid sheet of water
  • Backlit, multicolor LED lighting
  • Freeze color or set to transition gradually

CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + Filtration

Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh water. 680™ Filtration System with 50 square foot vertical filter, Dynamic Flow™ and CLEARRAY® system.

880 Series Sun-Touch Controls

  • The most advanced Sundance Spas control panel.
  • Ease of use is enhanced with a glowing colour touch screen.
  • Menus are icon driven
  • Simple programming, both night and day.

Cabinetry Access

UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is durable and maintenance-free.

Seats: 7-8 seats
Dimensions:* 231 cm x 280 cm x 106 cm
Weight: Dry/Filled 523 kg/3,077 kg
Spa Volume: 1,968 litres
Jet Pumps: 1-speed/2.0 HP continuous
1-speed/2.0 HP continuous
Circulation pump: Yes
Total jets: 66
Filter: MicroClean® Ultra filtration system, 130 ft² (2 interlocking cartridge filters)
Water Management System: CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen Clean water system
Lighting: Multicoloured sun-glow LED lighting system (2 waterfall, 2 footwell, 8 air controls, 2 massage selectors, 2 backlit handrails and exterior lights)
Pillows 4
Electrical: 230-240VAC 50Hz
1x40A, 2x25A, 1x25A/1x32A
Cabinetry: Brushed Grey, Vintage Oak, Modern Hardwood
Acrylic Colour Shells: Porcelain, Celestite, Platinum, Sahara, Monaco, Midnight
Stereo: Optional Integrated Bluewave™ Spa Stereo
Upgrades: Optional SmartTub™ module / EcoWrap® Insulation

SMT™ Micro Adjustable

  • SMT (Soothing Muscle Therapy) jets produce a refined massage
  • The ultimate in neck tension relief
  • Customized pressure control
  • Fully adjustable face


  • Focuses on pressure points in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet
  • Relieves tired muscles, stress and tension

Fluidix Nex™

  • Latest addition to exclusive Fluidix series
  • Relieves neck tension and strain
  • Ideal massage action for small muscles and sensitive nerves
  • Adjustable high/low massage action
  • Patented technology


  • Creates a gentle “pulsing” massage action
  • Provides relief in the wrist area
  • Reduces discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists

Fluidix Reflex™

  • Pronounced back-and-forth massaging motion moves water in a whole new way
  • Assertive action or mild massaging
  • Adjust flow by rotating jet face
  • Patented technology

Fluidix ST™

  • Revolutionary, patented design concept
  • Both high- and low-impact massage
  • Use air control dial to adjust jet stream intensity and pressure
  • Durable bearingless jet available only from Sundance

Fluidix Intelli-jet™

  • The ultimate in versatility and efficiency
  • Turn jet face to horizontal for a lighter, smoother massage, or vertical for large-muscle, deep massage
  • Use air control dial to adjust jet stream intensity and pressure
  • Patented bearingless jet built to last a lifetime


  • Unique rifling action for high- and low-impact therapeutic massage
  • Bearingless jet built to last longer
  • Exclusively designed for Sundance
  • Swirling sensation


  • A choice of professional athletes
  • Vigorous action delivers muscle-penetrating massage

Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat

Lounge Seat

Tension Relief and Relaxation Seat

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