Hot Tub Accessories

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We stock a range of hot tub accessories that will help you completely transform your hot tub experience.

Keep your hot tub clean, protected and ready to use with hot tub covers like the CoverMate spa cover lifter. Hot tub covers are made of weather resistant components that will provide years of trouble free performance.

Make entering and exiting your hot tub as easy as possible with Spa & hot tub side handrails, with a full 360 degree of swivel. They come equipped with locking feature for increased safety and a battery powered LED mood light.

If you need some shade look no further then our hot tub side umbrella. It is designed clever to enable mounting without a single screw. It has a 360 degree swivel and will provide shade from the sun and can act as a privacy screen.

Use your hot tub to it’s full potential. Experience the “healing” power of fragrance, let it calm, or invigorate your senses. SunScents Aromatherapy sends fragrance bubbling into the water of your spa, powered by the SilentAir injection system in all 880 Series spas.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hot tub is not a daunting task if you got the proper tools. Spa vacuum, Tub scrubber, H2O Cleaning hand, Ultra mitt, Flat net with pole, hand skimmer will help you clean your hot tub in a heartbeat.

Finally, what is hot tub all about if not about fun. Underwater light show, floating bars, spa caddy, booster seats, huge selection of fun rubber ducks and waterproof hot tub and outdoor games all available at Alfresco Life.