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Hot Tub Relocation

Your hot tub becomes part of the family after a while. You rely on it to warm you up when you are cold and ease your aching muscles after you have over exerted yourself in the gym or maybe gardening. Your hot tub provides much needed stress relief, relaxation and ensures overall well-being. Would you consider leaving it behind? You don’t have to since we are offering the service of hot tub relocation.

So what happens if you decide to move house?

You take it with you of course!
You wouldn’t leave one of the kids behind so why leave your hot tub.

We can arrange a hot tub relocation for you!

We provide competitively priced comprehensive hot tub relocation and installation packages. So whether you are only moving around the corner and staying in Cheshire or moving to a different county such as Staffordshire or even further afield we can cater for your needs.

Similar to a furniture removal company we will come and package up your hot tub, load it onto our spa dolly and transport it to your new home. We will then position it in your new garden and set it up so that it is ready and waiting for you to hope in and relax after all the stresses of moving home. We can do this with Sundance Spas models or any other hot tub model.