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Model Spotlight Sundance Spas 880 Series Aspen

To celebrate Black Friday we are taking some of our most popular models and putting them in the spotlight.

First up we have the 880 Series Aspen.  This model is a great size (229 x280 x 106cm) designed to seat up to 8 adults for hydro-massage.

880 Series Features


  • Microclean Ultra filtration – filtering particles down to 1micron
  • Horizontally placed filter with separate dynamic flow circulation pump for filtration
  • All Fluidix Intellijets – bearingless jets using movement of water only for deep tissue massage (9 Fluidix Jet varieties set in varying configurations in the Aspen)
  • Airblower – for soft tissue massage and aromatherapy
  • Clearray Active Oxygen Water Treatment – keeping chemical usage to a minimum
  • Sunstrong cover
  • Smart Tub enabled – connect to an app so you can easily control the spa from your phone, monitor electrical consumption etc
  • Low flow Titanium Heater
  • Sunside cabinetry
  • Eco Wrap (an additional layer of insulation)
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • 4yr Warranty for equipment, controls and plumbing, 7yrs for shell surface and 10yrs for shell structure

As well as all the main features you find in the Sundance Spas 880 Series the Aspen has a fully body Intelli-Jet Seat.  This full-body seat focuses on your neck, back, hips, knees, calves and feet to give you exactly what you need to improve the way you feel.

The combination of the patented Vortex rifle action jets and the exclusive Fluidix Intelli-Jet is the the perfect match.  The Intelli-Jets can be set to provide either a straight stream or a pulsing, wave-like stream allowing you to fully customise your hydromassage experience.

Making sure that no part of your body is missed this seat also features two pulsing neck jets and the whirlpool jet that brings water around to the front of your body to ensure an all over massage.

This model is currently available as one of our exclusive Black Friday packages.