Sundance Spas Filters

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Genuine hot tub filters by Sundance Spas, direct from the factory.

There are thousands of spa filters available to choose from. They are being supplied by a multitude of different hot tub manufactures and hot tub retail outlets out there. It can be a little overwhelming if you can’t remember which filter fits in your hot tub. If you have a Sundance Spas hot tub then the filters are quite specific.

A spa filter has a core structure with a medium wrapped around the core. The medium is usually a pleated polyester. The more pleats your filter has the greater the surface is and in theory the greater surface area the cleaner your water will be. Your spa filter works hard to keep your hot tub water clean. The water is continually moving through the filter with particles getting trapped deep within the pleats.

The spa filter removes the particles of dirt that you can and can’t see such as environmental debris and body oils. These particles remain within the pleats of the filter until you clean it. Good filter maintenance ensures you are making the most of the filter’s cleaning capacity and can prolong the life of your hot tub filter. Having a dirty filter will cause it to lose effectiveness and can put a strain on the hot tub pumps as they try to pull the water through the blocked medium.

Look after your spa and ensure crystal clear water with genuine filters that are tested for flow and filtration and specifically designed for use in your Sundance Spas hot tub.