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Traditional hot stones or new infrared

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a personal sauna with Alfresco Life’s carefully chosen saunas.

You not only get a private sanctuary for rest and relaxation, but saunas come with numerous health benefits.

They can:

Help improve circulation
Aid in weight loss
Relieve stress and anxiety
Provide relief from arthritis and asthma
Boost the immune system
Promote better sleep
Improve overall wellbeing

Choose between the traditional hot stones sauna and the new infrared saunas which are becoming more popular.

The traditional sauna is the one most of us are familiar with. Hot stones are heated using a sauna stove and when water is thrown onto these stones it creates steam, warming the room with a high humidity level. And if you’ve ever worn glasses into a traditional sauna, you’ll know what happens there…

The newer infrared saunas work a little differently. It’s more like basking in the warmth of direct sunlight (but without the harmful UV rays!) Infrared lamps produce radiant heat, which directly warms your body rather than the surrounding air. This promotes a more effective and deeper sweat session at lower temperatures.

Whatever you prefer, Alfresco Life saunas are designed to deliver the comfort and health benefits you deserve. Do your body and soul a favour and bring home a sauna today.

Choose your sauna

Alfresco Life - Traditional Saunas
Love hot temperatures and steamy atmospheres?

Traditional hot stones sauna

Alfresco Life - Infrared Saunas
Enjoy lower temperatures with deep heat penetration?

New Infrared sauna