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Ice Baths

Ice baths for health and fitness

Energise your personal health and fitness journey with our range of ice baths at Alfresco Life!

Designed to suit every ambition, our exhilarating ice baths cater to the seasoned athlete and the health enthusiast alike, offering a heady plunge into new wellness territories.

Whether you’re an athlete seeking the best recovery from high-intensity workouts, or a wellbeing advocate striving towards an invigorating lifestyle, our premium ice baths are tailored to meet your needs.

Ice baths are well-known for their numerous health benefits. They can:

Help with quicker recovery times
Improve circulation
Help fight inflammation
Boost mood and immune system

At Alfresco Life, we provide two different models: The Performance Ice Bath for professional athletes, sports teams, and fitness centres.

The Lifestyle Ice Bath for yoga enthusiasts, busy professionals, and those seeking mind/body harmony.

Choose your Ice Bath

Alfresco Life - Performance Ice Baths
For intense athletic training and ultimate addition to any recovery regime

Performance Ice Bath

Alfresco Life - Lifestyle Ice Baths
For everyday wellbeing and providing an energising mental boost

Lifestyle Ice Bath