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Hot Tub Relocation

Moving your hot tub is easy

Your hot tub provides more than just recovery and relaxation – it becomes part of your routine, and even part of the family!

Luckily, when it’s time to move, you can easily take your spa to your new home with help from Alfresco Life’s hot tub relocation service.

Whether you’re staying in Cheshire or going further afield, we take the hassle out of moving one thing at least – your back garden favourite!

Moving made simple

Yes, transporting an object with a similar weight to a Highland Cow on your own is tough. But leave it to our experts for a smooth transition and it all becomes easy.

1. We disconnect your hot tub

2. We lift it onto our equipment

3. We move it safely to your new home

4. We place it in your desired location

We go the extra mile

Fully experienced and insured
Relocate any hot tub brand
Safe packing materials for full protection
Affordable flat-rate pricing

So spend less time arranging the hassle of moving and spend more time enjoying your hot tub at your new place.

Contact us to schedule your hot tub moving day!