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Hot Tub Accessories

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From floating bars to underwater lights

Embrace the full potential of your hot tub with Alfresco Life’s range of fantastic accessories designed to add convenience, comfort, and a flavour of fun to your hot tub experience.

Make maintaining your hot tub as relaxing as using it. With a spa vacuum, tub scrubber, or hand skimmer – to name just a few of our handy hot tub cleaning tools – you’ll soon have the maintenance out the way, ready for relaxation. Nothing should stand between you and your unwinding soak!

How about boosting your relaxation with our Sunscents Aromatherapy products? The ‘healing’ power of our calming and invigorating fragrances bubbling through enrich your senses during each soak.

For the adults seeking luxury, we offer accessories to make your hot tub time the ultimate treat. Love a glass of wine as you soak? Try our hot tub wine bottle and glasses. Fancy a floating bar for your spa party? We’ve got you covered. And on the sunnier days, lounge under our poolside umbrella – sip, soak, and shade all at once!

And let’s not forget the fun! Hot tubs are all about enjoyment and we’ve got accessories aplenty for that. Thrill the children with our hot tub booster seats, cute rubber ducks, and underwater light shows. Our outdoor games and safe waterproof games ensure your spa time is always fun, family time.