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Which hot tub filter do I need?

There are thousands of hot tub filters available to choose from. They are being supplied by a multitude of different hot tub manufactures and hot tub retail outlets out there. It can be a little overwhelming if you can’t remember which filter fits in your hot tub.

If you have a Sundance Spas hot tub then the filters are quite specific. We advise that you purchase these from an approved Sundance Spas outlet as they will know exactly which filter goes in which model and have the genuine parts in stock as recommended by the manufacturer.

The most commonly used, current Sundance Spas Filters

850 Series / 780 Series / Select Series hot tubs

680 Series hot tubs

There are other Sundance Spas hot tub filters available for older models. If the hot tub filters listed above don’t look like your filter don’t worry. Contact your approved Sundance Spas outlet with your model and year of manufacture and they will be able to advise.

We have found that there are lots of different hot tub brands and models that use the same filter. For your convenience we stock a variety of hot tub filters made by Darlly. Darlly are currently the largest filter manufacturer in the world. They make filters for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries as well as hot tub filters. These are good quality filters that are reasonably priced.

What Information Do I Need To Identify My Filter?

It is a good idea to make a note of the following from the original filter in your hot tub:


  • Any code that may be printed on the filter, usually a series of letters and numbers eg SC704 or PSANT20
  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Is there a hole and either end of the filter, if so what is the diameter?
  • Is there a screw thread at either end of the filter, if so is it internal or external?
  • If there is a screw thread, is the thread coarse or fine?

How Does My Hot Tub Filter Work?

A hot tub filter has a core structure with a medium wrapped around the core. The medium is usually a pleated polyester. The more pleats your filter has the greater the surface is and in theory the greater surface area the cleaner your water will be. Your hot tub filter works hard to keep your hot tub water clean. The water is continually moving through the filter with particles getting trapped deep within the pleats.

The filter removes the particles of dirt that you can and can’t see such as environmental debris and body oils. These particles remain within the pleats of the filter until you clean it. Good filter maintenance ensures you are making the most of the filter’s cleaning capacity and can prolong the life of your hot tub filter. Having a dirty hot tub filter will cause the filter to lose effectiveness and can put a strain on the hot tub pumps as they try to pull the water through the blocked medium.

How Do I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?


Every week remove your hot tub filter and use a garden hose on high power to rinse through each pleat to remove any big particles like hair, bugs and leaves.


Every month remove your hot tub filter and clean with a suitable filter cleaner. There are various types of filter cleaner for either soaking your filter in or spraying onto your filter. Whichever you use make sure you rinse your filter thoroughly afterwards to remove any filter cleaner residue.

The chemical filter will break down body oils and scales that have become trapped within the filter pleats. This frees the filter fibres enabling them to filter effectively again.



Let your filter air dry before returning to your hot tub. This allows the filter fibres to settle back into place ensuring your filter is most effective. Some people find having two filters makes life easier.


Use any household cleaning products. Any soap residue will create foam in your hot tub water.


Use a jet wash or pressure washer, the power will damage the filter fibres and your hot tub filter will cease to filter effectively.

How Long Should My Filter Last?

A standard pleated hot tub filter that is maintained correctly should last for approximately 12 months.

There are a few variables that affect this. If your filter is very small e.g. the filters for the inflatable style hot tubs they will need to be cleaned and replaced more often.

Some specialist filters are disposable and don’t require cleaning with a chemical filter cleaner. Examples of such filters are:

Sundance Spas Microclean 1 filter | Designed to last 3-4 months


Sundance Spas Microclean Ultra inner filter | Designed to last 6 months


Sundance Spas Microclean Plus filter | Designed to last 9-12 months


About Alfresco Life

Alfresco Life are an approved Sundance Spas hot tub outlet and have been supplying, installing and maintaining hot tubs for over 15yrs.

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