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There are no two ways about it owning a hot tub requires the use of electricity so let’s address the elephant in the room; rising energy costs.

It is a concern for us all.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that make a hot tub energy efficient with some suggestion on how you can boost your hot tub’s energy efficiency.

Full foam insulation Sundance Spas hot tubs


How your hot tub shell is constructed can also add to the insulation properties.  The thicker the shell the stronger it is and the better the insulation properties.  Sundance Spas hot tubs shell is a 3-layer rigid bond construction.  This construction adds strength and insulation and is why a Sundance Spas hot tub shell is eight times stronger than an ordinary fibreglass laminated shell.


Different hot tub brands have different types of insulation and some have more insulation than others.  You might be surprised to know that some hot tubs actually have no insulation at all.  If you are unsure what is under the bonnet of your hot tub remove a side pane and take a look.  All our Sundance Spas models come already packed with insulation.  Our 780, 880 and 980 Series now also have a winter wrap as an extra layer which has been shown to help reduce running costs.

Tip: If you find your hot tub has no insulation you can add a layer of insulation blocks to the inside of cabinetry and/or a layer of Eco or winter wrap.

Full foam insulation Sundance Spas hot tubs
Marine ply internal hot tub base insulation Sundance Spas


Did you know some hot tubs have no base?  In these hot tubs the pumps and internal components are attached to the frame and there is no base to the spa.  All our Sundance Spas hot tubs have a marine ply internal base for the pumps and internal components to be secured to. There is a further synthetic base to seal the bottom and keep all your components warm and dry.


Make sure your hot tub is in good condition. Keep it clean and treat it with a vinyl protectant to help to keep it supple and waterproof.  A vinyl hot tub cover can become brittle and crack over time. This then leads to water ingress and the cover becomes heavy. If your cover is saturated with water or doesn’t fit properly then it will have lost its insulation properties and you will be loosing heat. So, if you are finding that it takes more than one of you to open and remove the cover the chances are your hot tub cover needs to be replaced.

Tip: You can add an additional floating thermal cover that sits on the surface of the water.  There are various options of materials available for these.  We advise you spend a bit more and get one that doesn’t break down easily.

Hot tub cover thermal insulation benefits Alfresco Life Cheshire
Energy efficient Jet Pumps and Plumbing Sundance Spas hot tubs

Jet Pumps and Plumbing

Effective plumbing, quality hot tub jets and a consistent flow of water are important when it comes to delivery of water from the jets. This is far more important than the horsepower of the pump itself. A really high-powered jet pump will not deliver an energy efficient hydromassage if the plumbing is inefficient. It is much more energy efficient to have a lower horsepower pump in an efficiently plumbed hot tub. This will produce just as much jet power as a higher horsepower pump in an inefficiently plumbed hot tub.

Circulation and Filtration

Every hot tub has filtration cycles. You are usually able to set these for a certain number of cycles per day, say 2 x 2hr cycles, or you may have a 24hr circulation pump. Our Sundance Spas 780, 880 and 980 Series have a 24hr dynamic flow circulation pump. Dynamic Flow Circulation Pumps are super-efficient and will recirculate the entire body of hot tub water approximately every 15 minutes. This is around seven times more water per minute than typical Circulation Pumps, but at virtually the same energy cost!

Tip: If you find that regular use of your hot tub is one to two people a couple of times per week for a 20 minute session then you could adjust the filtration and circulation cycles to reduce energy consumption. Just remember to increase it again when you are using your hot tub more regularly.

Seven times more water at the same energy cost Sundance Spas
Consistent hot tub water temperature saves energy Alfresco Life Cheshire

Water Temperature

There is nothing better than jumping into 38°C water on a cold evening and generally on a well insulted hot tub it is better to keep it running at a consistent temperature so that is ready for you to jump in and enjoy at any time.

Tip: If you know that you aren’t going to be using your hot tub for a week or more then you might consider turning the temperature down a few degrees. If your hot tub is well insulated the drop in water temperature will only be small. Then a few hours before you plan to use it you can turn the temperature up.

Air Controls

Mix air with the water to increase the pressure of water expelled through the jets.

Tip: when you have finished your relaxing soak and hydromassage turn all your air controls to the off position. This will prevent cool air being injected into the water when your hot tub carries out its daily cycles.

Mix air with the water to increase the pressure Alfresco Life Cheshire
Hot tub location is crucial for energy efficiency Alfresco Life Cheshire


You might have a perfect spot to enjoy great sunsets on a summer evening but what is that spot like in the winter.

Tip: When considering the perfect location for you hot tub in your garden think about how exposed the location is in all seasons.

Good Water Management

Keeping on top of your water and filter maintenance will save you money. Keeping your pH around 7 will mean that your sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) is working most effectively. As well as not being very pleasant to bathe in a low pH can cause deterioration of seals and jets and a high pH can lead to scale formation.

Tip: Use a weekly treatment of Scaleaway especially if you know you live in a hard water area. Build up of scale in the pumps and heater can cause problems with efficiency and may lead to components needing to be replaced. Make sure you clean your filter regularly so that it can work efficiently and isn’t blocked putting a strain on your pumps.

Water and filter maintenance will save you money Alfresco Life Cheshire
Regular hot tub servicing is important Alfresco Life Cheshire

Hot Tub Servicing

Having a hot tub professional to give your hot tub a once over annually can help identify any early signs of wear and tear or components that maybe aren’t performing as efficiently as they should be.

Tip: Alfresco Life offer a hot tub technical service with full written report for just £96.00.

Service plans

Owning a hot tub is one of life’s little luxuries and for most a lifestyle change. If you are fortunate enough to own one the health benefits are immense, both physically and mentally. Everyone’s reason for owning a hot tub are different. It could be for your own personal relaxation of body and/or mind or maybe it is to reconnect for family members or perhaps you have a medical condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia and soaking in the warm water brings you relief. Or it could be just your way to socialise with friends.

In reality even though we have had a rise in energy costs your hot tub is still likely to cost less per day than a cup of tea or coffee from Costa (or another similar coffee shop).

If you need any advice or would like assistance with making your hot tub more energy efficient then please get in touch.

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