Amazonas Smartrope


Weatherproof, adjustable Amazonas Smartrope with carabiner and metal plate.

Essential for hanging hammocks & chairs outside.

For a hammock two are needed, for a hanging chair one smartrope is required.

Maximum Load: 120kg

Length: 320cm

Weight of rope: 600g

Colour: White

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The Amazonas Smartrope is used to securely suspend hammocks or tree swings between two fixed points, such as trees or posts.  They play a crucial role in ensuring stability and safety during outdoor relaxation or playtime.

The Smartrope is made from durable, weatherproof material.  It is strong and capable of supporting the weight of individuals or multiple users.  Made from high-quality materials which offer excellent strength and resistance to wear and tear.

When choosing hammock fixing ropes or tree swing ropes, it’s important to consider their length and weight capacity.  The length should be appropriate for the distance between the attachment points, allowing for enough slack to create a comfortable sag in the hammock or swing.  Weight capacity refers to the maximum load the ropes can safely support, and it’s crucial to select ropes that can handle the weight of the intended users.

Complete with carabiner and metal plate to allow for adjustability.  This is particularly useful when dealing with different tree or post distances or when accommodating users of varying heights.

Additionally, these features ensure the rope is safely and securely attached to the trees or posts.  This helps protect the trees and provides a reliable and safe setup.

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