Aquablanc Test Strips (Active O2, Alk, pH)


Aquablanc Test Strips (Active O2, Alk, pH) 50 Strips per pack

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Aquablanc hot tub Test Strips for the Aquablanc system (Chlorine and Bromine free). This non-chlorine active oxygen treatment offers users an alternative for effective sanitisation of hot tub water.

Strips are used to test for:

  • Total Alkalinity
  • MPS
  • pH

50 Strips per pack


Alfresco Life stocks a wide range of hot tub chemicals and spa cleaning solutions which can turn your hot tub cleaning nightmare into a pleasant dream.



1. Dip a single Aquablanc hot tub test strip in the hot tub water for 5 seconds. Stir gently back and forth.

2. Remove strip from the hot tub water and shake once, to remove excess water. Wait 15 seconds.

3. Using the supplied colour chart check pH, MPS and Total Alkalinity level. The results are shown in this order. Complete matching within 30 seconds.

4. Replace cap tightly after use.


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